Dawn Treader's conversation with a molecular biologist

Anyone interested in the Intelligent Design/Evolutionism debate should take the time to read "My Conversation With A Molecular Biologist / Cancer Researcher About ". After a long conversation, the biologist concludes:

While I am sympathetic to the ID folks, I am inclined to think that God created natural processes for the workings of nature. Steps in speciation (development of a new species) and certainly the origins of life are just too large to observe, so any theory on speciation becomes ideological extrapolation.

On the other hand, I believe the reason there is such sympathy to the ID crowd is not so much the science, but the attitudes of Evolutionists. It is as if they are trying to teach, "We have proven that there is no God." It is this disingenuousness and intellectual dishonesty that many people- not just evangelicals- are having a gut reaction to. What is important is the scientific method, so it is bothersome when scientists (human, like everybody else I guess) become ideologues. Again, I feel it is much more interesting and useful to observe what we can and apply it to further study and progress for mankind.

Interesting read. I don't agree with his position, but it certainly is worth considering.


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