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The Christian Cadre website has added a section devoted to defending the historicity of the Resurrection: The Resurrection of Jesus.

This page provides the best defenses of the resurrection of Jesus available. It includes articles by top scholars and well-known internet apologists, as well as several original articles by CADRE members. It also features a developing section responding to the latest skeptic assault on the resurrection, The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave.

Here are the categories of articles available:

*General Defenses of the Resurrection
*Responding to the Skeptical Book The Empty Tomb
*The Resurrection Appearances
*The Empty Tomb
*Paul and the Resurrection
*Harmonizations of the Resurrection Accounts
*Resources on the Resurrection
*Debates on the Resurrection

As with all pages at the Christian Cadre, we will be adding new articles and are happy to review submissions.


Christopher Price writes ' Richard Carrier and Jeff Lowder founded Internet Infidels for the express purpose of promoting naturalism (and by definition combating theism).'

It seems that legendary development of a story can take place in just a few years. Richard Carrier certainly did not found Internet Infidels

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