PBS Censors ID Related Video
Backs Out of Agreement to Show "Unlocking the Mystery of Life."

A member of the group that is promoting Intelligent Design in New Mexico (the New Mexico ID Net) sent me a e-mail this week containing an all-too-true tale about censorship by the local PBS station, KNME.

A few weeks ago, KNME agreed to televise the video "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" which deals with the incredible complexity of cellular life, and how this complexity changed the mind of Dean Kenyon about evolution. It is my understanding that this is not a video that somehow preaches that God created the universe and cellular life. What I have seen of the video presents a straightforward look at how the cell operates including the molecular machines that do the work of keeping the cell alive. It also has parts of interviews with Dean Kenyon about how surprised he was about how complex the simple cell turned out to be.

Well, after promising to air the video on January 9, KNME has now backed out. Here is what the e-mail I received reports:

At this late date (January 3), I was called by Chad Davis, program director and told that "Unlocking the Mystery of Life," in his words, "does not meet the smell test." One of the funding sites showed "some type of a Christian link" so they are pulling the show even though it has been advertised in all the listings. This documentary has been shown by PBS stations all over the country. They also sell it on their shop PBS website. KNME is censoring "Unlocking the Mystery of Life!" A third of the science teachers in New Mexico, over 500, have already been mailed invitations to watch the show. Four days of Journal & Tribune ads were to start tomorrow! If you are as distressed as I am about this, please send this email to every conservative person that you know. If you feel like calling and speaking with people at KNME, some phone numbers are listed below. Obviously, they only want one side of the debate to be heard!!

General Manager
Ted Garcia

Program Director
Chad Davis
277- 3296

Joan Rebecchi
Works with programming

Regular Phone

And some people wonder why Christians feel like they are being discriminated against? Note that this film reportedly isn't being kept off the air because of the content, but rather because of some type of "Christian" link. Incredible!

I encourage anyone reading this blog to call KNME and object to this type of censorship! Obviously, KNME is one of the reasons that New Mexico is seen as a backwards state.


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