Now That is Timing

A minister died during Sunday service, while delivering a sermon. Just as he finished saying, "when my work for Christ is done ... I go to be with Jesus," he collapsed and went to his reward. To add to the irony, this happened at a Calvnist church.

Church members were saddened, of course, though one found a silver lining:

"We were stunned," Beates said. "It was traumatic, but how wonderful it was he died in his own church among the people he loved the most."


I met Dr. Jack Arnold and went to college with two of his sons. He was a godly man and had quite an impact on a number of Christian leaders in this area (Virginia). I heard that he also quoted, "for me to live is Christ, but to die is gain" in this same sermon. I am sure this sermon will leave quite a mark on people's lives.
Layman said…
Mr. Treader,

I was talking to a friend from work and remarked that his last sermon likely will read more people than any other one. He sounds like a man who truly had served the will of God during his life.

BK said…
Mr. Treader? My, aren't we being formal. :)
Mr. Treader ... kind of has a ring to it ;-)

My prayer partner, who is himself a pastor in Roanoke, went down to Orlando for Dr. Arnold's funeral. I expect to hear about some firsthand accounts of that final sermon through him. What a way to finish.

Apparently, during the same sermon, Dr. Arnold spoke on assurance of salvation and challenged his congregation to make their salvation sure. I don't know if that is true ... I hope to confirm that with my friend when he gets back.

The ironic thing is that the Arnold's are very dramatic people. They never did anything in a small way. They were all leaders in college. They all were larger than life. To hear that their Dad, a well known preacher in our denomination, died during a sermon seems fitting.

Jeff and new Cadre member

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