Jesus Myth Book Reviews

Bede and I have, respectively, reviewed two leading Jesus Myth books, The Jesus Mysteries, by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, and The Jesus Puzzle, by Earl Doherty. We have also reviewed books that respond -- some more than others -- to the Jesus Myth. They are available on Bede's Library in his "Did Jesus Exist?" section.

Bede introdues the section as follows:

Though dead in scholarly circles - even among moderate and liberal ones - the idea that Jesus never existed has visceral appeal to many with negative attitudes towards Christianity. Presently, the Jesus Myth’s most forceful proponent is Earl Doherty with his book The Jesus Puzzle. There are various scholarly popular treatments such as The Jesus Mysteries. Both these books and some responses to the Jesus Myth are reviewed below.


biblemike said…
How sad that Christians must waste their energies providing opposing arguments to such nonsense. Those who present such fact poor, hate based, intellectually lacking positions are no better than the Holocaust revisionists who propound a world in which the Jews did not die. They are cut from the same cloth and write to serve the same puroose, to oppose the one who created them. One would have to be completely stupid to be totally decieved by these arguments. Those that do agree don't do so out of deceptions, but rather because the arguments, though profoundly lacking, support their own previously desired positions. If Jesus did not exist, I do not have to address what He taught or what He did. I certainly don't have to address my part in His suffering. Most importantly,if He did not exist, I need not repent or accept the fact I have been wrong all my life.
Unfortunately we must oppose these faulty didactics so that those who do not yet know the truth will not be so easily decieved away from considering it. Thank you for your excellent review and analysis.

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