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Random Designer
A new look at God's interaction with Nature

Recently, I wrote a short essay which arose out of an article in the Wall Street Journal concerning Prof. Colling. Since that time, he and I have opened up a dialogue, and I wanted to express my appreciation for the tone of the dialog we have been having. I (in case you haven't noticed) am a strong supporter of I.D. As such, I was critical of his comments on the issue in the Wall Street Journal story. I have now learned that Prof. Colling has a book that he has just released, and I am looking forward to picking up a copy after Christmas (I put it on my Christmas list, so I don't want to buy it only to get it as a present, too). In the meantime, I wanted to pass along the website for his book to our readers in the even it is of interest to you, too.

At least as of this moment, I am not endorsing the ideas of the book (not yet having read it), but his e-mails to me have encouraged me that our differences may not be that great after all. You can find his website here, and the blurb reads:

Random Designer casts a compelling new vision of creation - random design. The essence of random design is elegantly simple: No limits! From the formation of chemical elements to the development and nurture of life itself, all possibilities are tested. Thus, in unexpected and extraordinary ways, random design endows the entire world with boundless creative potential.

More significantly, random design reveals a creative genius extending beyond traditional scientific and religious boundaries. Come explore a new vision - the vision of the Random Designer. It’s not really random at all!


This appears to be "fully endowed creation", or deism. I hope you can review the book, but I'm not overly impressed with the website; especially since he evidences an acute concern for the obvious problems with "god-of-the-gaps", and then uses his own interpretation of current science to find a gap for God. After all, he says in the FAQ, even if God isn't needed to create us because the laws of nature require something like us -- well, God must have created those laws of nature! The flaw here is substantial; if God can be pushed back to the laws, then God can continue to be pushed back further (what if the laws themselves are randomly designed?).

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