Kerry Talks the Talk of Religion Much More than Bush

Bush has caught flack for supposedly "wearing his religion on his sleeve." So I ran through the transcript of Wed. night's debate and did a quick count of who referred to God or their faith most often. Kerry is the clear winner.

When it came to referring to God or "the Almight" Kerry had twice as many references as Bush: 9 to 4.

But when it came to actually discussing the candidates' personal faith, Kerry referred to his six times more often than Bush: 12 to 2.

As a mild point of amusement though, Kerry either had a poor Sunday school teacher or he was a poor student. Or perhaps simply a poor memory.

He said that "I went to a church school and I was taught that the two greatest commandments are: Love the Lord, your God, with all your mind, your body and your soul, and love your neighbor as yourself."

The verse he is talking about is in Mark, Matthew, and Luke. It does not mention the body. (Mark 12:30; Matt. 22:37; Luke 10:27).

However, Kerry is right about loving his neighbor. My question is this to Senator Kerry. Did not Jesus teach us, through the parable of the Good Samaritan, that all those in need are our neighbors? And because Kerry believes that the unborn are human beings, how can he so callously refuse to show the unborn the love God has directed him to show? Or does he think it is a demonstration of love to mouth words about the unborn while also voting to fund their destruction?


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