Can I just say that we have a classy First Lady?

All politics aside, I was impressed with First Lady Laura Bush's response to some innane comments by John Kerry's wife, Theresa Heinz-Kerry. Heinz-Kerry had said that she did not think that Mrs. Bush had ever held a "real job." When reminded that Mrs. Bush was a school teacher for several years, then received a Masters in Library Science and was a librarian for several more years, Ms. Heinz-Kerry apologized for forgetting about her "real" job as a teacher and librarian. Of course, the insult was not to teachers and librarians, but to homemakers (apparenlty not a "real job" to Heinz-Kerry).

When asked about Ms. Heinz-Kerry's remarks, Mrs. Bush said that there was no need for Heinz-Kerry to apologize because she knows how hard it is to handle the press:

"She apologized but she didn't even really need to apologize," Mrs. Bush told reporters at a coffee shop before attending a rally for President Bush. "I know how tough it is and actually I know those trick questions."

What grace.


Good point about Laura Bush's disgrace.

My dismay was with THK's attempt at an apology. She again dissed motherhood. Even worse, those who defended Laura Bush's record point to her master's degree and resume as a librarian.

What does this imply about our culture's view of motherhood?
Oops. I meant to say Laura Bush's "grace"
Layman said…
It can be depressing.

But I think we have to face the fact that there may not be an "our culture" like their used to be.

Much of the country, perhaps most of the general population, respects motherhood and would (I think and hope) affirm the value of motherhood. But there are significant elements of society that disdain it. Most of those elements happen to be on the left (remember Hillary saying she wasn't going to sit around and bake cookies all day as first lady?).

There really is a culture war going on. The left doesn't like to advertise it because they still do not have the advantage of numbers.
Lores Rizkalla said…
You're so right. She is a rare example of grace in politics.

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