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Peter Hitchins Speaks the Truth
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This is a short post on which I thought to be right on.

Peter Hitchens (brother of Christropher) has an article in the London Spectator on abortion in the U.K., where, it seems, the government is now willing to pay for an underage girl to have an abortion without even notifying her parents. Hitchens writes that:

[Abortion] corrupts any society which freely permits it. The idea that innocent life may be lawfully ended for the convenience of others or for the alleged good of society, once generally accepted, devastates the rule of law itself. In a way it is to our credit that the one obscenity which we rarely allow in print or on television is a picture of an aborted baby, for anyone who sees such a picture knows instantly and for ever what it means. By preferring not to know, we pretend that we are still a lawful, moral country. The idea that a little child, who may well still cuddle a toy as she sleeps, can seek contraception in secret from the parental state, become pregnant even so, and then be given an abortion in secret by the same parental state is so filled with totalitarian evil and moral debauchery that one can only turn away in silent disgust from those who permit it. Here is where you quickly find yourself when ends justify means.
Just so.

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