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On-line Christianity and Science Debate
Resolved: Religion has not held back the rise of science.

Anyone interested in the issue of whether science has been held back by the rise of Christianity should be interested in reading the on-line debate by CADRE member Bede and JLK which can be found here. Personally, I find JLK's first 1400 word summary disjointed. I also find it inappropriate that he should reference his 15,000 page work and ask that readers review it so they can better understand what he is saying. Why not simply ask everyone to review every known book on science and religion before reading the debate?

Another great resource on the topic of the history of science and religion which can be enjoyed while driving to work can is from a talk by Dr. John Mark Reynolds entitled Christianity and the Nature of Science which is available through Stand to Reason. In the tape, for example, he points out that the ancient Greeks--who are seen as the paragon of scientific research in the ancient world--did little actual science because the Greek world view did not see such things as important. Really intriguing stuff.

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