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A Funky (Winkerbean) Discussion of ID
Comic Strip Investigates the Theory

Occasionally a comic strip takes on an issue with social/religious connotations. In the past, For Better or for Worst has taken up homosexuality, for example. Well, on Monday, August 29, 2004, the comic strip Funky Winkerbean commenced a series dealing with the mandated teaching of ID by the state science standards at the Ohio high school is central to the Funky Winkerbean strip. I have no idea if it will be a positive or negative light on ID, but I am sure it will be interesting.

If you don't get the script in your local paper, you can check out the comics here. Be aware that the strips available on the Internet run about two weeks behind the publication in the newspaper, so the strip from August 29 will probably not be available until September 13, 2004.


It looks like the series is going to take a very negative view of ID arguments, as today's cartoon has the charaters state that they could call themselves the "anti-Johnny Hart's" (of BC fame).

Quite frankly I find it troubling to see cartoonists being so blatant in espousing their personal views on these kinds of subjects. If this were Doonsbury or Bloom County, which were founded on the idea of social and political commentary, then no problem, but Funky? I stopped reading BC simply because it stopped being funny once Hart started to use it as a vehicle to promote his beliefs. Now it looks like Funky is headed down the same ill advised path.

How sad.

I don't know which way Funky is going to go. The first day's strip had the most disagreeable, argumentative and usually wrong teacher on the staff claiming that ID was science fiction. I am wondering whether the author is going to work the strip so that this teacher slowly changes his mind. It is not unusual for individuals' views to evolve (pun intended) over time in the Funky Winkerbean strip.

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