I would like to introduce and welcome our newest member, J.P.Holding, to the CADRE. JP is sort a legend of internet apologetics. He's admired by Christians and hated by atheists. Except for puns we all hate them. An excellent writer, extremely funny, and right up along side Glen Miller the best apologetics researcher on the net. He runs http://www.tektonics.org/ I was honored to be included in his anthology Defending The Empty Tomb.



Don McIntosh said…
Welcome aboard, JP!

Over many years of informal debating on various Internet message boards, I recall running across a couple of names fairly often: "Metacrock" and "J.P. Holding." It has been a blessing to work with (and learn from) Metacrock (Joe Hinman) here at the CADRE, and I look forward to the same with you.
JBsptfn said…
Welcome, JP!! Glad to have you.
J. P. Holding said…
Thanks guys, great to be here! And thansk for the great intro, Joe!
Joe Hinman said…
no problem man

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