Bi-Weekly Report: Higgs Boson

This week, I decided to talk a little about the Higgs Boson, which was inspired by this link and discussion that Joe is having with Eric Sotnak:

In the comments, something that Eric said caught my eye:

According to the best models we have of Quantum Mechanics, events in the very early universe were truly random.

I asked Joe about this, and he said something about how they can have causes even if they are random, and about how you can’t look at sub-atomic particles and say if they are un-caused or not.

This brought be back to the Higgs Boson concept that I heard about before:

The Higgs Boson is an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics. It is the quantum excitation of the Higgs Field -- a fundamental field of crucial importance to particle physics theory.

In the last few years, Joe and Joel from Evolution by Design did blog entries on this concept, and what it means as far as God is concerned:

Check in the comments section of the second link for some good discussion. I especially found the ramblings of a one Bill Walker very hilarious and sad at the same time.

 Joel also made some good points in the first link, especially about how those scientists seem to “urgently need” an answer that leaves God out of the picture.


Joe Hinman said…
a lot of atheists got excited about it because they thought calling it god particle meant we didn't need God., It's no different than the normal situation where we have primordial conditions but know how they arose.
Free Games said…
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