Plug for Atheistwatch

I am debating three atheists at once, I made an open challenge to atheists to debate my Cosmological argument. They are outnumbered but I'm taking it easy on them.;-)


JBsptfn said…
Stan's blog (where Martyn Cornell originally posted) seems to attract atheists from time to time because of the challenges he leaves in the right hand side of his blog.

His blog is good when it attacks evolution and atheism.

However, I agree with Joe when it comes to his hatred for the left wing. I am not a leftist (I am a centrist), but he seems to blame that side for a lot of things that go wrong in the USA.

Now, he isn't a republican (he is sick of that party, and of crony politics in general), and a reason for his support of Trump (it seems to me) has to do with damage that Donald may do to the Republican Party, but he vilifies Obama for everything. I have never seen a president be attacked like that by members of the other side.
Don McIntosh said…
Great work, Joe. Keep pressing them.

Too bad that I don't have more time to jump in and help, but from all indications you're well able to hold your own anyway.

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