Bi-Weekly Apologetics Report: Hawking

This week, I want to share a discussion that has been going on over at the Atheism-Analyzed blog:

They have been having an interesting discussion about the Hartle-Hawking state:

Here is an excerpt from Stan’s article:

The procedure to evaluate anything Hawking et al say is to list all of the serial assumptions which are made and which have to be “the case” in order for his theories to be valid, and then to see at which of the assumptions empirical validation automatically cease, leaving the theory to be a bedtime story for physicist speculators.

This theory is no different.

OK, first off it is not the Wave Theory of the Universe, it is Wave Theory Within an Infinite Multiverse which is both external to our universe, and contains our universe.


Don McIntosh said…
Thanks for sharing that JB.

Other than being reminded of how deficient is my knowledge of theoretical physics, the Hartle-Hawking state tells me that science-based unbelief requires a very special universe.

Such a universe cannot have a beginning, because a beginning suggests creation (theism); but it cannot exist forever, because an eternal universe would have divine (unscientific) properties. Thus it has to have "no initial boundaries in time or space," so that it kind of, but not really, existed before the big bang...
Joe Hinman said…
Interesting report JB. Very pithy Don!

Here is my answer to Hawking's no 'boundary condition. This is pretty old. I put it up sometime in the early ought. maybe 02?
Micheal Prince said…
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