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I was privileged to do three presentations at two different churches on The Da Vinci Code the week the movie version opened. I thought they went well and a number of people asked me for my notes or if I was providing a written response. In fact, I put a lot of my research into a final version of notes that served as the guide to the presentations, which were conducted in a Q & A format. I have finally made the time to polish the notes up and put them up on the CADRE site. It is in Word version and is available here. From the description on the website's The Da Vinci Code page:

The notes from CADRE member Christopher Price's presentation on The Da Vinci Code. The notes reflect the Q & A format of the presentations. Provides a summary of controversial points made in TDC, with Question and Answers on issues such as Jesus' divinity, the gathering of the NT, supposed Christian copying of pagan beliefs, the Council of Nicea, and whether Jesus was married.

In case you think that The Da Vinci Code is of little relevance anymore (and believe me, I am sick and tired of it myself), it just passed The Passion of the Christ in worldwide box office receipts.


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The news about the box office receipts is sad.

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