Press Release from Left Behind

The Bohle Company has issued a press release on behalf of Left Behind: Eternal Forces responding to the Talk2Action piece (see my previous posts here, here, and most recently, here). Here is the release:

The comments by all of those writing/involved with [Talk22Action] have been done without ever having seen the game! It's distressing to see such an egregious misrepresentation of our game. The recent comments posted from the Talk to Action article are nothing short of gross distortions and total untruths. LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces is a game loosely based on the first few books in the best selling Left Behind book series. These are novels that trace the adventures of those left behind when the Rapture occurs, a biblical event forecast in the Book of Revelation.

The slanted blurb about our game is carried on an anti-evangelical blog site with a clear agenda, written by someone who clearly never saw or played our game. The blogger never once contacted Left Behind Games to attempt to check any facts. Many highly respected news sources have seen our game and responded positively, such as the New York Times, LA Times and ABC World News Tonight.

The description of our game in paragraph one is totally inaccurate. The player does NOT target Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, gays, or any other group. The game is a good versus evil story, which in turn results in conflict. Players command battle scenes raging in the streets of New York City between the Tribulation Forces and the Antichrist's forces - the Global Community Peacekeepers -- during the End of Days. The Antichrist's forces are on the warpath, actively hunting down and exterminating all resistance to his one world government. This includes the good guys - the Tribulation Force -- defending themselves against Satan. The game is intended to prompt gamers to discuss important questions about life and death.

The game does not reward killing, but rather results in loss of Spirit points which are essential for winning. Yes, physical warfare is offered, but it's not bloody, graphical or horrific. Additionally, spiritual (i.e. non lethal) warfare plays a larger role than physical warfare. The player's goal is to save as many people as possible from the clutches of the Antichrist - not to kill them.

Although the title has not been rated yet, we expect a Teen (T) rating from the ESRB. We are not marketing this game to children, but toward a main audience of teens to adults.

The Left Behind Team

(emphasis added)


BK said…
Nice to see, but if I am reading Talk2Action correctly, Jonathan will undoubtedly respond with the "they're lying about the game" card, and try to link to others who say that they know better than the game's maker as to what the game does. I'll be interested in seeing that.

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