National Day of Prayer

We have just had one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history when Hurricane Katrina slammed on the shore hitting the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. All three suffered extensive damages with more than 800 people killed and more than 480,000 homes destroyed. Truly, all people are (or should be) saddened over this type of devastation and loss of life.

In the great tradition of our founding fathers and the great presidents throughout our nation's history, President Bush has called on the country to observe a national day of prayer in this troubled time.

"Throughout our history in times of testing, Americans have come together in prayer to heal and ask for strength for the tasks ahead. So I've declared Friday, September the 16th, as a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. I ask that we pray -- as Americans have always prayed in times of trial -- with confidence in His purpose, with hope for a brighter future, and with the humility to ask God to keep us strong so that we can better serve our brothers and sisters in need."

Asking people to address the true sovereign in times of trouble or times of thanksgiving is a large part of our national and cultural heritage. I, for one, will be praying as I do my days work and I ask for all of you to join me.

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