America Reaps What it Sows

The saying "you reap what you sow" often has negative connations and is usually employed to warn someone that their bad deads will come back to haunt them. But the opposite is also true and fully intended by the saying. If you do good, good will come back to you.

I posted earlier about the U.S. response to the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, as well as the charitable giving of Amerians overall. And to its great credit, the world has reached out to the United States in its time of need. I have seen some say that the U.S. can "take care of its own" and that "we do not need their help." Though it is unclear, there were reports that the Administration refused initial foreign requests for aid, but has quickly changed its tune and is accepting all aid. And that aid is significant.

India and Bangladesh, both recently hurt by the tsunami, are sending millions. Even poor and devastated Sri Lank is sending what aid it can.

The Singapore Air Force was one in Louisana in the first days of the tragedy. Some of its helicopers were training with the Texas Air National Gaurd when the hurricane hit and they agreed to participate in the relief effort.

You may remember that the United States liberated Kuwait in the Gulf War. Kuwait is providing $500 in relief aid. Other Muslim nations such as Qutar and Bahrian are sending millions as well. The Red Crescent is working with the Red Cross to provide aid.

Nigeria has pledged $1 million in aid. Mexico has pledged $2 million and already has a relief convoy and a naval vessel en route to the damaged areas.

The enemies of each other, China and Taiwan, are sending millions in aid.

Even Venezuela, with whom we have a rocky relationship at best, has offered significant help.

For a run down of foreign offers of assistance, check out the State Department's press briefings. See also this article from Reuters.

The United States needs and should graciously accept this aid. The devastation is tremendous and the burden of caring for hundreds of thousands of displaced citizens will place an enormous burden on state and local governments. Rebuilding will take months if not years and be very expensive.

Many thanks to those countries who have stepped forward to help the United States in its time of need.


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