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Giving a Whole New Meaning to the Phrase "Spiritual Warfare"

Keanu Reeves' new movie, Constantine, has him playing an exorcist trying to prove himself worthy of heaven. Seems he spent a little time in hell -- Dante's version -- and is not keen on the prospect of returning. I hope to see it this weekend, but while reading this review found the description of Keanu's spiritual arsenal particularly innovative:

"After all, theological orthodoxy plays second fiddle to really cool brass knuckles with engraved crosses and a Gatling gun made from a crucifix that is used to send Satan's minions back to the fiery pits of hell. The Latin inscriptions on the gun read: a cruce salus, "from the cross comes salvation"; decus it tutamen, "an adornment and a means of salvation"; and dei gratia, "by the grace of God.""

I'm not endorsing the film's theological content -- sure to be right up there with Fallen and End of Days --, but I do hope to see it this weekend.

UPDATE: Michael Medved gives Constantine 3 and 1/2 stars. Said Keanu was "very good," the movie "stunning," but cautioned that it was very violent.

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