Our Prayers for Professor Larry Hurtado

I don't know how many people read the blogs we reference on the side of this blog, but some of them are really excellent. Sadly, I will shortly be removing one because it will soon become a site with no new material.

As stated on Larry Hurtado's blog, Prof. Hurtado is "a scholar of the New Testament and Christian origins, with posts in higher education since 1975. In August 2011, I retired from my post as Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology (University of Edinburgh) in which I served from 1996. Prior to that, I was in the Department of Religion, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg). My own research over the decades has focused mainly on the origins and development of 'devotion to Jesus' in earliest Christianity, and also on textual criticism and the study of earliest Christian manuscripts as informative artefacts of ancient Christianity." Prof. Hurtado has posted some really excellent articles over time about various NT fragments, manuscripts and papyrus. He has also written or provided resources about many other things related to early Christian history.

This past week, the following announcement appeared on Prof. Hurtado's blog:
The leukemia (AML) for which I was treated here last summer has reactivated, after some 9 months of remission. The further treatment options are quite limited, and may only be palliative care of various sorts. In any case, I am now fully occupied with exploring various arrangements for the situation and aftermath of my death on my wife and others. So, I shall have no time for blogging or my scholarly work. Signing off unless further notice. I hope that the archives on the site will continue to prove useful to interested readers.
Since I like the sidebar to contain active blogs, I will be removing Prof. Hurtado's blog from the side-bar, but since it will remain available for a short time, I wanted to memorialize its existence on the main pages of the blog.

Larry, our prayers are with you. If God has deemed this the time that you should leave this world and join Him, know that you are heading to the fulfillment of your life. Whatever you valued in this life will fade in insignificance when compared to what you will experience in the next. May God make your transition free from pain and worry. God be with you.


douglas eddy said…
I will pray, however, that you will recover and be healed in Jesus name.

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