Please answer my poll I really need to know, Is anyone actually reading these long drawn out comment debates? do they mean anything to anyone? please let me know


JBsptfn said…
I have been reading them.
it can;t be just one person
JHobbsss said…
Hello Joe Hinnman, I have been reading and very much enjoying your articles and find them very informative and enjoyable to read and you should be praised for your patience with all these godless atheists who seem to think they always have an answer apart from where their own thoughts/ ideas come from which according to them is just the result of random Accidents and chemical reactions in their brains so we can't trust what anyone really says if that was true!, I don't know how you put up with them! I think if God wrote his name in the Cloud they would just put it down to some rare natural meteorological phenomena! If the vast complexity beauty and Order of God's creation can't convinced them nothing will.I look forward to reading your future articles. James Hobbs.UK.
thanks for your comment man, I appreciate hearing fro you.

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