JBSptfn's weekly apologetics report 1: Donald Trump

Joe Hinman has invited me to do a weekly report on various apologetics (and related) articles. So, for my first report, I decided to do it on Donald Trump.

Here is the first blog entry that I want to talk about:

Christ the Tao: No Christian should be caught dead voting for Trump

David Marshall has wrote a very anti-Trump blog entry. Here is an excerpt:

But Donald Trump says he never asked God for forgiveness. Observe the smork that almost never leaves his face: he does not appear to think he needs to repent.

But you will need to repent, if you knowingly vote for a man like that to lead the United States of America. Because you will be sharing with Trump the sins he models, and in so modeling, yet receiving votes from 37% of “evangelical Christian Republicans,” in effect tells the rest of the country that God is now OK with those sins. Clinton taught America’s youth new sins, and new defenses of their sins. Martin Luther King, for all his virtues (which Trump does not share, like forgiveness), probably harmed the black community by offering a secret example of a profligrate sexual life. Now you’re doing the same thing, if you support so shameful and immoral a reprobate to lead the United States of America. You’re telling the country “Tom-Catting, serial marriages, selling sex, these are no big deal for Christians,” never mind that family breakdown is tearing the nation’s children apart, and robbing the joy of stable family life from millions of children.

So, by voting for Trump, you are lowering the gospel, and the notion of family, into the mud, in the eyes of non-Christians. Why should they take us seriously about sin, after we vote for a man like that? You’ll probably never meet a more shameless and successful sinner than the man you’re putting into the White House. And that’s BEFORE he gains ultimate secular power.
The second blog entry that I want to talk about comes from Atheism-Analyzed:

Atheism Analyzed: Revenge of Oligarch Billionaires

In this entry, Stan talks about “neocons” that have threatened to bolt the republican party if Trump is nominated:

The battle in this country between voters and oligarchs is precisely what makes this election year so interesting. But Oligarchs always win, don’t they? We’ll see.
 I hope you enjoyed this first installment. In the future, I may talk about certain doctrines (I know someone that runs a blog about Full Preterism. He is an ex-Full Preterist himself). However, that doesn't mean I support the doctrine. It's just for discussion purposes.


Don McIntosh said…
Thanks for the report JB!

Marshall likens Trump to King Ahab, which is not an unreasonable comparison. But in a general election he will likely be facing a modern Queen Jezebel. So I'm not sure I wouldn't join Marshall in sitting out the election. At least my conscience would be clean.
Anonymous said…
You're welcome. And, I will probably sit it out as well. I can't believe people support the candidates we have in this country. They are wretched, and don't give a darn about the middle class or poor.
Don McIntosh said…
Agreed, for that most part. I should add, though, that great numbers of devout, sincere Christians will be voting for Trump, and even for Hillary. I've been surprised more than once by the political leanings of my brethren. But then again, Jesus did preach the kingdom of God - not the Jewish-Roman "establishment," nor the violent uprising of the zealots, much less the party of Reagan or Kennedy.
I just had a dust u- on Victo0r Repport's blog by a guy saying it's unchristian to be a democrat. I don't say that about republicans. Man if any group in this society can unify the country again it should be the Christians.
thanks for the report JB
BK said…
Exactly what are you saying? You have posted other people's opinion pieces, but I cannot determine what you are asking us to take away from the pieces.
Anonymous said…
What you take away from it is up to you.

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