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I should have had this report posted Friday, but I was busy, so I forgot. I was going to do this topic for my first entry, but I changed my mind and did it on Trump.

Here is an entry in Theopedia about Preterism, followed by an excerpt:

Theopedia: Preterism


Full Preterism differs from Partial Preterism in that it sees all prophecy fulfilled with the destruction of Jerusalem, including the resurrection of the dead and Jesus' Second Coming or Parousia. Full Preterism is also known by other names, such as Consistent Preterism or Hyper-Preterism (a somewhat derogatory term). A related but more recent term is Pantelism, which some regard as an extension of Full Preterism rather than the same thing.
Full Preterism holds that Jesus' Second Coming is to be viewed not as a future-to-us bodily return, but rather a "return" manifested by the physical destruction of Jerusalem and her Temple in AD 70 by foreign armies in a manner similar to various Old Testament descriptions of God coming to destroy other nations in righteous judgment. Full Preterism also holds that the Resurrection of the dead did not entail the raising of the physical body, but rather the resurrection of the soul from the "place of the dead," known as Sheol (Hebrew) or Hades (Greek).
 There is a man by the name of Roderick Edwards (a former Full Preterist) that runs a blog about the subject:


He said that he had this hyper-preterist view for 15 years, and that it was hard to get out of:

The UnPreterist: Very Sincere Message to all Preterists

He now considers himself a Historical Christian.

J.P. Holding's views are about the same as this guy's:

Tektonics: Olivet Discourse

He considers himself a Partial Preterist, though.

After reading both of their viewpoints, I find myself agreeing with them (although I don't know why Holding calls himself any kind of Preterist. He is more of a Historical Christian).


Interesting, JB.

I have never considered myself a preterist, and have always understood it more or less as described in Theopedia.

Then I read the post by the UnPreterist and (some of) Holding's article, and became confused.

If your purpose was to get people like me to work through the issue further, you may have succeeded. :-)

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