If Only "A Wave Of Reason" Really Would Sweep Across the World

By the way, do popular apologists for atheism have a high opinion of their own reasoning ability?

Does the Pope wear a tall hat? {g}

Answer: sometimes. When it's convenient. And not, when not.

In the video linked above, though, very much triumphantly in favor of human reasoning, especially theirs. (None of the proponents featured in the video are well-known for their responses to theistic arguments from reason, unsurprisingly. Including the formal deductive version I've been discussing here for the past several weeks.)


Jason Pratt said…
I shall leave a comparison of that video with the posts of the past several weeks, as an exercise for the reader... {g}

Ron said…
Jason, I think you may have inspired me to write my own version of the AfR. I've read both Lewis and Reppert on it already and think that perhaps it the best arguments against atheism.

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