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("What do you mean...? 'Flash Gordon approaching'?" {cue Queen's underlying bass theme} {g})

I've been off-site working on other projects since June, mostly to do with writing the third in my series of novels (the first of which, Cry of Justice, won 2007 Novel of the Year in a retailer poll sponsored by the Christian Small Publishers Association. The self-critical side of my head hastens to add that for all I know one retailer sent in a vote for me and no one did for the other guy. {self-critical g!})

But, since I've been in a creative slump for the past month (thanks to a main character deciding to do something that makes perfect sense for her character but of which the back of my mind can't figure out what effects this will have for the grand finale plot elements {inhale}), I've decided to take a hiatus from my hiatus and start posting up some material I've been gathering.

I have a number of one-shot posts and limited series queued up, on a wide range of topics (mostly on historical apologetics, but with some metaphysic entries mixed in, too); and then after those, if I'm not back to my hiatus for novel composition, I'll be working on editing and posting up the missing Second and Third Sections from my galumphing huge synthetic metaphysic series. (Links to all of the First Section, and the vast majority of the Fourth Section, can be found here.)

As usual, I'll be trying to post on Tuesdays and Fridays. (Thus starting tomorrow, Oct 6.)

ETA (10/8/08): but then I got busy at work and after work and never got around to posting on Tuesday after all! ARRGH! Might be more like Friday, though if I can get back to the house at lunch I'd like to grab this week's Entertainment Weekly and post up a not-a-review-of-a-review-of-a-movie... {g}


good to see you man. thanks for coming over.

You get 20 points for the Flash Gordon reference. I grew up just up the hill from a movie theater and must have seen that movie at least 5 times.

Sadly, I must subtract 5 points because now the theme song is stuck in my head. ;-)

I read recently of a wedding where they actually used Queen's wedding theme from Flash Gordon.

Had to have been short aisle! (It's only like a 30 second cue. {g} With a distressed "Ohmigod" near the beginning. {rofl!})


Maybe they looped it. Now, I'm going to have to play with it to see if I can get it to loop and sound good.

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