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As of Friday April 18th, I have started back up on my 'progressive synthetic metaphysics' entries; the current series of which is "How Should I Be A Sceptic".

Rather than just plopping the next entry unannounced out of nowhere, I decided to provide a handy link sheet this Friday for readers to catch up where I am in the series. (Not only is it a complex series, but it moves along from point to point building on prior points as it goes. Thus, a 'progressive synthetic' metaphysic.)

As I mention in the first entry, the whole work represents one very large book I wrote for my own critical exercise back in late 99/early 2000. Last summer (2007), I posted up almost all of the fourth volume in a series of entries titled "Ethics and the Third Person". This winter, I went back to the very start and began posting entries in a series titled "How Should I Be A Sceptic".

So: here are links to the currently existent entries (updating as I post new ones), sorted by section (of the original book), chapter (of the original book), and specific entry (I tend to break chapters into two or more journal entries).

[UPDATE!! -- an index page for the 3rd edition of the "How Should I Be A Sceptic" material can now be found here at the EU forum. The material linked to below, here on the Cadre, is 2nd edition. The differences aren't hugely great, so I probably won't be going to the trouble of reposting or editing up the Cadre Journal entries.]

[UPDATE 2!! -- links to new chapter postings will now be provided at the new contents page here at the Cadre Journal.]

How Should I Be A Sceptic (Section One)
Chapter 1 -- Preliminary Clarifications
preliminary clarifications

Chapter 2 -- Presuppositionalism and Negative Agnosticism
a first question of feasibility
presuppositionalism vs. progression to a worldview

Chapter 3 -- Reason and Faith
one brief history of the reason/faith dichotomy
an important recognition about religious faith

Chapter 4 -- Belief and Reason
belief and reason
a question of external validation of reasoning
belief without reason?
religious belief and reasoning

Chapter 5 -- Against Contradictions
contra contradictions
paradoxes and contradictions

Chapter 6 -- Can God be an abstract generality?
an introduction to generaleism (or final abstraction)
particular problems with generaleism

Chapter 7 -- In Question of Infinite Regression and Infinite Possibilities
an introduction to independence
in question of infinite regression
in question of infinite possibilities

Chapter 8 -- In Question of Multiple IFs
in question of multiple IFs

Chapter 9 -- God and gods
God and gods

Chapter 10 -- SIF/n-SIF vs. ??
theism and atheism?
theism or atheism

Chapter 11 -- 'On' Metaphors
thought and imagination
an unwanted level of religious complexity?

Chapter 12 -- Evidence and the Supernatural
evidence and the burden of proof
a sieve of curious similarities
evidence from reasonable scepticism to reasonable belief

Chapter 13-- The Leveled Playing-Field
a summary of results
the leveled playing-field

Meanwhile, here are the links to the section of chapters I put up last summer:

Ethics and the Third Person (Section Four)
Chapter 30 -- An Introduction to the Question of Ethics
distinctive categories
an introduction to rationally invented ethics
an introduction to discovered non-rational ethics

Chapter 31 -- The Problem with the Third Explanation of Ethics
a summary of the first two problems
monotheism and the third explanation
the fatal problem with ethical theism

(the next two entries were not originally in the book; think of them as chp 31-1/2)
a return to secular ethical grounding?
the final problem and piece of the puzzle

Chapter 32 -- The Solution to the Question of Ethics
a return to the God of Justice
questions of relation

Chapter 33 -- A Necessary Aspect of God's Relationship to Man
procession and the overarching system
an introduction to the Holy Spirit

Chapter 34 -- The Role of the 3rd Person of God
some requirements for personal interaction
the minimum standard

Chapter 35 -- An Introduction to the Concept of Sin
contradiction and ethical failure
the choice of the Good, and other choices

Chapter 36 -- The Consequences of Sin
the waging of sin
the argument from evil

Chapter 37 -- Death
sin and death
the death of sin, and other deaths

Chapter 38 -- The Highest Death
the highest death

Chapter 39 -- The Fall
the fall of me
the fall of man

Chapter 40 -- A History of the Fall
the original sinners (and I)
results of the fall
a question of salvation

(further chapters and entries past chapter 40 have not been posted; though a summary of sorts for Section Four up through the end of chp 40 can be found here)


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So, here's the registration. {wry g}


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