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In honor of Good Friday, here is a link to Chris Price (Layman’s) excellent entry from 2006, redated last April to 2007, “Why is it called Good Friday?”

I haven’t finished the indexing of the “King of Stories” entries, or hyperlinking all the entries together in sequence, but here is a brief list of entries especially relevant to Good Friday and Easter weekend:

The End Begins (roughly midnight Friday)
Into the Trials (before sunrise Friday morning)
The King of Trials (very early after the first hint of sunrise on far-off Mount Hermon)
The Passing (Friday until sundown)
And On That Day He Rested (from Friday after sundown to Saturday evening)
Anastasis (early Sunday morning)
Returns (Sunday and afterward)

God’s grace to all our readers, across the world, this Easter weekend!

Jason Pratt


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I messed up. This should be in the article above. Please remove both

I'll remove the first one and leave the explanation. But first, have you ported the text where you wanted to go? (I don't want to erase it before you've moved it where you actually intended it.)


Yes, I have pasted it into JL's thread. Thanks.

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