The Dawn Treader's Musings on Science and Religion

Over at the blog of our co-blogger, The Dawn Treader, he has begun (maybe finished) a series reviewing some of the ideas found in the newly published book by C. John "Jack" Collins entitled Science and Faith: Friend or Foe? The book has received a favorable rating over at Amazon with an average rating of five stars. One commentor who really liked the book wrote:

Dr. Collins has his undergraduate and first graduate degree from MIT, and his Ph.D. is from the university of Liverpool. Professor Collins produced an excellent balanced book on Intelligent Design (ID), which unlike most books in this area he looks at both the science of ID and the implications of this field for theology. Chapter 20 "Cultural Wars and Warriors" is an excellent refutation of the foolish claims of Eugene Scott and her organization. Collins shows why ID is critical for theology and why Fundamentalist Darwinism is lethal for theism. In chapter 17 he answers some common objections to ID, and shows why professional science organizations, such as the National Association of Biology Teachers (of which I am a member, even though I teach biology at the college level), are so hostile to this world view. As a scientist, the most useful part of the book was from page 217 to the end. The first part covered theology which I did read very carefully, due to lack of interest and knowledge in this area. The 2nd half was well worth the price of the book and highly recommended.

The Dawn Treader apparently found the book to be pretty good as well, and has decided to examine more closely some of the ideas found therein. As he puts it:

I am going to ransack and browse read Collins book. Reading all 347 pages would be a mistake. I already agree with his argument that Christians ought to be sound critical thinkers in theology, philosophy and science. I already love science and my career is in technology. I would be thrilled if my children pursued scientific careers. No need to be persuaded by Collins about his main argument. I am more interested in gleaning thoughts from a brilliant mind on selected areas of interest.

Thus far (maybe in total?), he has written:

The Dawn Treader is always thoughtful and entertaining. I recommend reading through his musings arising from what appears to be a very fine book.


Thanks for the shout out! Collins has spawned a lot of fresh thinking on science-faith issues. I will probably add one more post in the series on an interesting but little covered topic in apologetics : occasionalism.

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