Da Vinci Code in Reverse

Just when all of the false information presented about the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene in The Da Vinci Code is finally beginning to fade, someone has decided to look at The Last Supper painting from a different angle: backwards.

According to Good knight! New images found in Da Vinci's 'Last Supper'?, a computer analyst has discovered that if you reverse the image of Da Vinci's The Last Supper and superimpose the image over the original painting you find some, shall we say, interesting changes to the painting.

Slavisa Pesci claims to have discovered new images in the 15th mural in the dining hall of Milan’s Santa Maria delle Grazie church by superimposing a reverse image on the original image.

When doing so, Pesci said he observed, for example, that the two figures on either end of the long table appear to become knights, and that another figure appears to be holding an infant.

"It came to mind to scan ’The Last Supper’ and print it on transparent paper, then superimpose it in reverse on the original image. The result is a new painting, with other figures," Pesci said today at a news conference.

Exactly which other "figure appears to be holding an infant"? Naturally, in keeping with the conspiracy beliefs that fueled the entire DaVinci Code nonsense, the effeminate character that has been historically identified as the Apostle John, but which The DaVinci Code identified as really being Mary Magdalene, is the other "figure" carrying a baby! As noted in A new flipping da Vinci code?:

Just as predictably, it has triggered a new conspiracy theory. According to Mr Pesci, a woman on Christ's left appears to be cradling a baby – and although he made no suggestion this could be Jesus's child, his theory has sent the Net into a frenzy.

(Another article on the "discovery" can be found here.)

Actually, since we're going to be talking conspiracy theories, I think that focusing on the other "figure" holding an infant and it's possible connection with the old "Jesus secretly married and had a love child by Mary Magdalene" theory misses a much more important point. Take a look more closely at the super-imposed painting which was published as part of the Metro.co.uk article, immediately below.

Notice the figures to the left of the the Apostle John/Mary Magdalene. Are they kissing? Does this confirm the "Secret Mark" theory that Jesus was really gay? And what about Jesus himself? Notice that he looks very much like one of the multi-armed Hindu gods complete with aura? Kali (pictured at right), perhaps? Or perhaps Vishnu? What about the fact that, with the exception of Jesus, there are two of every person at the Last Supper? Is this showing knowledge on behalf of Leonardo DaVinci that Jesus and his followers were really Manichæistic in their beliefs? Was DaVinci really telling us that Jesus and his followers were actually dualists? Think of the possibilities!

This is simply absurd. Even supposing that DaVinci -- genius though he was -- was somehow smart enough to be able to calculate in his mind what the painting would look like backwards and superimposed over the other, this is an absolute stretch. I think that the thoughts of Alessandro Vezzosi, a Leonardo expert, are very apropos:

While he had not yet seen the presentation, he noted that computers lend themselves to any conceivable alterations and that some have inaccurately held that the artist’s famed "Mona Lisa" is actually a self-portrait.

When will the madness stop?


Jason Pratt said…
Wait until you put on the special 3-D [edit: no, wait, scratch that... 4-D] glasses which the theorists will no doubt be selling soon, in order to unlock the ultra-special-shocking-super-secret DA VINCI CODE IN CROSSEYED STEREOSCOPIC REVERSE 4-D!!

Because Leonardo was a genius. {nod!} Also, he was a turtle--the leading turtle of his time in fact. (Donatello did the machines. I learned that back in college, I think. Or maybe it was high school. Late high school, junior or senior year. They taught us a song about it, to help us remember.)

Hey, Ben Franklin could do the crosseyed 4D stereoscopic glasses thing: on the back of the Declaration of Independence!--I saw a movie where he did! Leonardo was smarter than Franklin, ergo q.e.d.

BK said…

LOL. Very good. :)
pla said…
Jesus has predicted that , one in person eat with time that food will betray His Majesty.

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