Exciting Interfaith Possibilities in the Episcopal Church

An Episcopalian priest claims to be a devout Muslim and Christian. She conducts services on Sunday and attends Muslim services on Friday, complete with headscarf. Any problem from her bishop about adopting a religion that denies the deity of Christ? Nope. Her bishop "finds the interfaith possibilities exciting."

When you read on in the article you find she denies the Trinity and Jesus' divinity. So she is not a Christian afterall, just a priest in the Episcopal Church.

I also like how the author of the article and the priest try and leave the impression that the Christian faith is a white person's faith by noting how white is the Episcopal Church. The Christian faith is actually much more diverse than the Muslim faith, in the United States and abroad.


BK said…
I'm not sure what you see odd about that. I was personally thinking about becoming a both a devout Christian and a devout Satanist. I guess that would make me a sort of Manachean. But I'd personally draw the line at Lutheran -- they drink too much coffee for grace. Still, just think of the ecumenical possibilities!

(Obviously tongue-in-cheek all the way.)
Jason Pratt said…
{{I was personally thinking about becoming a both a devout Christian and a devout Satanist. I guess that would make me a sort of Manachean.}}

Rotfl!! Best quip I've heard all month! {bow!}

Anonymous said…
Yep. That's about the only reasonable response one can make to this kind of absurd...what is it anyway? Syncretism? Compartmentalization? More than anything I think it's just an expression of the spirit of the age. Whatever gets you through the night, it's alright.
Steven Carr said…
Is this 'Christian-Muslim' saved?
Anonymous said…
If holding Christian beliefs saves someone, and Christianity is true - no.

If holding Muslim beliefs saves someone and Islam is true - yes.

Jason Pratt said…
Very well and carefully put, Cam. {bow}

Anonymous said…
Thank you very much, Jason :).


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