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Michael J. Penfold, primary author of the articles on WebTruth, has recently developed a new webpage specifically dealing with articles and audio critiquing Richard Dawkins' travesty, The God Delusion. The website is called, and according to it's introduction, is "merely a window pointing to articles, books, DVDs, websites, lectures and reviews on other sites that provide answers and alternatives to Dawkins' arguments on atheism and Darwinism from a number of different perspectives."

The website features articles such as the following:

  • The Dawkins Confusion - Naturalism ad absurdum, Written by: Alvin Platinga

  • Darwin's Rottweiler and the Public Understanding of Scientism, Written by: Peter S. Williams

  • God Knows Why Faith is Thriving, Written by: Dinesh D'Sousa

  • The website also features audio such as the following:

  • Dawkins' God, by: Prof. Alister McGrath

  • The Scientific Bankruptcy of Darwinian Evolution, by: Michael J. Penfold

  • Dawkins and McGrath in Discussion, by: The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival

  • I expect more will be added to the site as time permits.



    I'm a Christian who is working on a series on Dawkins' book "The God Delusion" at my blog at:

    There's already a good discussion underway. Join in!

    Thanks for the link, guys!

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