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DaveScot at Uncommon Descent has linked to a great parody of Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion that has been put on YouTube entitled The Dawkins Delusion. As commentor J. Parker notes:

Yet not as risible as Dawkins writing itself! Really, if you read his work without emotion, it’s (unintentionally) funny!

In fact, this is so funny because it’s his argument verbatim, just substituting “Dawkins” for God.

I found it very funny, myself. Take the five minutes it takes to watch it -- it will be worth your time.

(HT: CADRE member Jeff G)


At the Richard Dawkins forum, a lot of the Dawkins supporters think it is a really funny parody.

Don't see it myself, but I suppose it is all a matter of taste.

Well, I'm convinced! I'm now an adawkinsist.

Mind you, the video does have some pictures of Dawkins.

How did the producers get pictures of a non-existent being?

What makes you think that's Dawkins? And besides, haven't you heard of Photoshop?

As always, Christian parodies reveal that they cannot refute the arguments of their opponents and have to misrepresent them.

Where are the devoted converts to Dawkins-worship who pour scorn on the idea that Dawkins writes books?

I can point to early devoted converts to Jesus-worship who poured scorn on the idea that God would choose to raise a corpse from the grave.

Wow. Four separate comments by Carr. This is really bugging you isn't it?

Now I will definetly check it out.

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