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I have asked that question many times. I have read blogs, Wikipedia, articles, and Emergent Church websites, in an attempt to understand this contemporary movement. Beyond a commitment to meeting society on its terms, I admit to still being perplexed by this phenomenon. Hopefully, help is on the way. New Testament scholar and blogger Darrell Bock is launching a multi-post series on the Emergent Church and looks to give it a fair overview.


I presume all it is is displacement of Modernism with Post-Modernism. It's obviously causing turmoil, upset, and intreague because Christendom has long been the bastion and refuge of Modernists, Positivist, and the like, holding strong to and defending ways of thinking and behaving while most of the world goes on. Of course, those who weren't contained in the bubble of the Modernistic church and were fashioned and shaped with the rest of the culture are looking around, scratching their heads, going...wha? Emergent Ch--? Only the Modernists would come up with something strange like that... Like their incomprehensible "works versus faith" language.

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