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Over the weekend I finally saw United 93. It is an intense film that manages to convey the horror of that day without being sensationalistic when it comes to violence and language. After an opening scene in which the terrorists prepare themselves spiritually to carry out their plot, the film follows three tracks. First, United Flight 93, as passengers and crew load, take off, and began their transit. Second, the head of air traffic control and many local centers are shown going about their business and then dealing with the terrorist plot as it unfolds. Third, NORAD is shown preparing for an exercise but unexpectedly trying to defend the country from an unforseen threat with which they do not have the resources to deal.

The film is the ideal docudrama and avoids devolving into any sort of action flick or thriller. It comes across as a reenactment with as little artistic license exercised as possible. You do not get to know any of the characters as characters. Nothing of their personal lives is revealed, except the few snippets of phone conversation you overhear the Flight 93 passengers engaging in over air and cell phones.

One unexpected part that I thought quite well done depicted scenes of the passengers praying the Lord's Prayer interchanging with scenes of the terrorists praying to Allah in Arabic; the Lord's Prayer providing comfort to the Christian passangers while the Islamic prayers provided the fortitude for the Muslim terrorists to carry out their plot. I am not sure that such was the distinction intended by the movie makers, but it is striking.


I've heard this movie is very well done, and family members who saw a preview said it was well done too.
Your observation at the end is interesting.
I must go see this.

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