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I have my opinions about the present conflict ongoing in the middle east -- I am very pro-democracy defending itself against terrorist organizations with fascist state sponsors and no my support of Israel does not rest on apocalyptic fervor as I am skeptical of pre-mil, pre-trib theology -- but have been too busy to blog about the situation and this blog is not really given to focusing on international events per se. However, I did want to help spread the word about some blatant anti-Israel propaganda-mongering.

Reuters took a picture of Beruit after an Israeli air strike and doctored it with PhotoShop to make the damage appear much worse than it was. LittleGreenFootballs -- the blog who nailed CBS for its forged Bush memos -- did the uncovering. The photo manipulation was so blatant that Reuters admitted it and published an apology. Somehow I doubt we will ever find a case of the international media doctoring photos to show the Israelis inflicting less damage than they had.

In other news, Israel suffered its most deadly attack yet as the terrorists hit just what they were hoping to hit with their latest round of missile attacks -- a crowd of unsheltered Israelis caught out in the open.


Weekend Fisher said…
Have you noticed the "green helmet man" photos carrying the very dusty toddler from Qana? How is it that the toddler is completely dusty but the kid's binky / pacifier is spotlessly clean?

Makes you wonder how many little touches they are adding. Is it even possible that someone could add stage props for a photo-op while actually *grieving* over a dead child? If there were grief, wouldn't it preclude the fakery? And don't tell me someone found the binky nearby either and it really was on the toddler all along; it still would have been covered with dust -- not clipped on to someone covered with dust but somehow itself still clean.

There were widespread reports of this kind of thing during the Balkan war also. Unfortunately, that was before the blogosphere took off.
Layman said…

I've read that the "green helmut" picture was taken by the same photographer. Which does raise some questions. Reuters should go over everything that photographer was involved in.

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