Major New Response to the Skeptics' The Empty Tomb

The good folks over at Triablogue have announced the release of a 400+ page response to The Empty Tomb, which is an anti-resurrection assortment of chapters edited by Robert Price and Jeff Lowder. It is exhuastive, addressing every chapter in detail.

And do not forget that the CADRE also has some excellent responses to chapters in The Empty Tomb, here.


Steven Carr said…
The Times Literary Supplement has a review of the book at here

Wright knows about the book , and the review , but has not written anything yet.

Richard Carrier cites Wright quite a lot, whenever he feels that Wright's analysis is correct (which is often)

And why not?

It would be interesting to know if the Triablogue team think that there is one thing in 'The Empty Tomb', which is correct.
Layman said…
It would be interesting to know if the Triablogue team think that there is one thing in 'The Empty Tomb', which is correct.

Here is an idea, Steven. Why not ask them? Or, read their article on the subject?
BK said…
I see something that's correct:

"Published 2005 by Prometheus Books

The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave. Copyright 2005 by Robert M. Price and Jeffrey Jay Lowder. All rights reserved."

Beyond that, its all pretty debateable.
Steven Carr said…
I see once more the excess of charity which radiates the love of Christ in all directions.

Why read 400 pages of vituperative bile? It is a bit like going into a sewer hoping to find gold. It is possible one may find it, but such an expedition would have to rely more on hope than expectation.
Layman said…
Why read 400 pages of vituperative bile?

Unlike the pristine, unbiased charitable The Empty Tomb, much of which Publishers Weekly described as “polemical and mean-spirited" and which includes references to "the foolishness of the untutored masses" and the "racism" of scholars who happen to disagree with Carrier about the nature of the resurrection.
Steven Carr said…
You mean the racism of scholars which depict the Jewish mind as incapable of thinking of anything new?

Perhaps you are unaware of the reputation of the Times Literary Supplement. It has a very high reputation, and the reviewer did not claim the book was polemical and mean-spirited. It is variable though.
Layman said…
And Publisher's Weekly is just a rag, eh?

I have read most of The Empty Tomb myself and have to concur with Publisher's Weekly.

Which scholar Carrier responds to says the Jewish mind is incapable of thinking about anything new? Chapter and verse please.
slaveofone said…
I started reading it, tried to push through for some time, and failed. There may be a lot of good information therein, but how it's written and presented is so dry, uninspiring, and amateur, I don't know if many people will get through half of it trying to sift the nectar from the hairy husk...and then they'd wish they spent their time reading a more professionally written, scholastic work instead. I think I can hear the voice from that paper saying, "well, if The Empty Tomb were a more professional, scholastic work, then we'd have approached it in like manner...but since it's more like a grocery list of lost causes, you'll have to excuse us if we follow suit." But seriously, who needs that?

Sorry if that's harsh. Nothing against the author(s).
slaveofone said…
On a peripheral note...

Carr mentioned racism in how some Christians' view the Jews of the first century...and I just thought I'd say that after being out of the religious institution for some time now and going back for a visit, I was assaulted by this negative view. The gist of it was...Jews were disobedient, blind, and self-glory-seeking. Yeshua, of course, was the only one who really saw that a person should want to serve Yahweh instead of puffing oneself up. Oh no, Jews weren't following Torah because they were trying to follow the very commandments of Yahweh. Oh no, they weren't behaving out of a sincere desire from their real faith to serve and please Yahweh. They certainly didn't think that Yahweh would prove his faithfulness to them through these rituals and laws because there was good reason to think that. Well, something reeks in all of it...and if you don't smell it, you've been sitting in it too long.

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