The Gospel of Judas Documentary and Updates

National Geographic has aired its documentary on the discovery and translation of the Gospel of Judas. For an informed, blow-by-blow account, check out Mark Goodacre's NT Gateway Blog, as well as the comments. Professor Goodacre thought it was pretty good, though some of the comments seem to think it was too sensationalistic.

Stephen Carlson over at Hypotyposeis discusses What the Gospel of Judas Tells Us, with a pop-culture observation about how the discovery emphasizes just how wrong is the history in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.

Ben Witherington has some keen observations about the Gospel of Judas at his blog. Perhaps most interesting in the present entry is his skepticism about identifying the third-century coptic Gospel of Judas with the one identified by Irenaeus in the second-century. As always, Professor Witherington engages his readers in the Comments section. Also, be sure to check out Prof. Witherington's first post on the Gospel of Judas.

Watch video clips of leading NT scholar Craig Evans speak about the Gospel of Judas. As noted by Professor Witherington, Evans is a widely respected scholar who can be taken as expressing mainstream NT scholarship's perspective on the Gospel of Judas.

A Christian (Southcon) who watched the documentary and judges the Gospel of Judas to have little inherent historical or spiritual value, nevertheless thinks it would profitable for Christians to read the Gospel of Judas for themselves.

A couple of more responses to those who take the Gospel of Judas seriously as a historical source or view it as on a par with the New Testament Gospels: Albert Mohler's From Traitor to Hero: Responding to the "Gospel of Judas" and Mark Robert's The Gospel of Judas -- A Special Report.


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