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A Rational Look at Christianity; Basing Reason in Truth

Instead of explaining the abortion question asked in yesterday's Question of the Day, I will simply answer it. The pregnant lady mentioned in the moral dilemma is a famous mother. She gave birth to a very talented child who changed the face of aesthetics forever. Who is she and what is the name of her child?

If you chose to abort this baby based on the situation of the mother, you would have killed the world renouned Beethoven. Most of you were thinking that his mother truly had a difficult decision to make with her ninth child, Beethoven. However, during the time which Beethoven was born society knew of the value of human life, despite the current circumstances of the outside world.

The truth is that human life is precious. But that's the question that no one asks these days. Is it a human? If so, are we still justified in taking it's life? Every abortion that happens takes the innocent life of a human child who could have produced incredible music such as Beethoven, or helped lend a hand in the cure on Aids. We ought not refrain from abortion for the simple fact of their potential contributions to society. But because they are simply valuable in light of the very thing they are, human beings.

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Isn't it sad the way that we, in our efforts to be the ones who know best what is good for someone, might actually consider abortion in difficult circumstances? Good point well made.

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