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CADRE Comments has been honored to volunteer to host the very first Vox Weekly set up by Razorskiss at Vox Apologia. Here's what Razorskiss has to say about the event:

Vox Apologia, Edition I, will be posted March 6th, hosted by CADRE Comments. The topic is Why is Jesus' Death a Sacrifice? submitted by DarkSyde, who blogs on science and politics at Daily Kos and at the atheist and skeptic blog Unscrewing the Inscrutable.

As I understand it, this is a chance for apologists to answer questions submitted by skeptics and link them all to a single place. What you do is write your answer to the question and then submit a link to your site and the URL of your blog through voxapologia by March 5, 2006 at Midnight MST. I will do my best to get the material posted March 6 (don't expect much before 3:00 MST). Submissions should be made through the link for submissions on the left sidebar at Vox Apologia.

I encourage all of you Internet apologetics bloggers to take a crack at this question. I know that I have seen many people say that Jesus' death on the cross was no big deal because he knew that he was going to be resurrected and spend eternity in heaven. With that knowledge (lacking the uncertainty that us humans have) there was no way his approximately 12 hours of being beaten and crucified was any big deal. How do you respond? I have my answer, but I will love to read and link to all of yours.

Also, keep in mind that Vox Apologia is also putting out a call for blogs for Vox Symposium Edition XXI. The topic is The Fear of The Lord. I started blogging on the issue of the Fear of the Lord not too long ago, and I will dig up what I started to submit since the topic is one of great interest to me. I hope others will do the same.

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