Where is the outrage from the Islamic community?

"Bombers Kill 74 at Two Mosques in Iraq " by Chris Tomlinson, Associated Press writer:

Suicide bombers killed 74 worshippers at two Shiite mosques near the Iranian border Friday, while a pair of car bombs targeting a Baghdad hotel housing Western journalists killed eight Iraqis.

The suicide attackers targeted the Sheik Murad mosque and the Khanaqin Grand Mosque in Khanaqin, 90 miles northeast of Baghdad, as dozens of people were attending Friday prayers, police said. The police command said 74 people were killed and 75 wounded in the largely Kurdish town.

At sunset, dozens of people were still searching the rubble of the three-story Khanaqin Grand Mosque. As the men dug, 12-year-old Sarkhel Akram collected copies of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, then she kissed them and put them away.

The suicide attacker walked into the mosque and detonated his explosives in the middle of a group of people, said Ali Abdullah.

Omar Saleh, 73, said from his bed at Kalar hospital that he was bowing in prayer when the bomb exploded.

"The roof fell on us and the place was filled with dead bodies," he said.

It is my recollection that just last Summer there were cries of outrage from the mainstream Islamic community when the United States was accused of desecrating the Koran at Guantanamo Bay by not handling the Koran appropriately. Now, the Muslim extremists in Iraq are blowing up mosques destroying places of worship and almost certainly destroying some Korans in the process. Yet, I see nothing in this article from the Islamic community condemning the bombers and expressing outrage at their cowardly attacks. Are such statements out there and the press is simply not reporting it (as often happens), or is their outrage reserved for Western societies only?

I really hope that the more mainstream Islamic community speaks out loudly, clearly and unmistakebly condemning these attacks and the groups that carry them out.


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