Were These People Just Stupid or What?

James Taranto from The Best of the Web from the Wall Street Journal pointed out this little gem from The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky:

More than 700 people joined religious leaders and Democratic politicians at two rallies yesterday to denounce Christian conservatives' use of a Louisville church as a platform to advocate prohibiting filibusters against judicial nominees.

Speakers called both the assault on filibusters and the injection of religion into politics "un-American" threats to religious freedom and to constitutional checks and balances.

The larger of the two rallies, designed to counter a telecast from Highview Baptist Church last night, took place at Central Presbyterian Church near downtown Louisville. More than 600 people came to hear Baptist, Episcopal, Jewish and ecumenical leaders from around the country criticize what they described as an effort to paint dissidents as anti-religion.

Did it occur to any of these people either setting up or attending the rally that holding a political rally in a church protesting using churches for political rallies might be seen as hypocritical? The newspaper makes no mention of it (in fact, the Courier-Journal article doesn't even give any opposing view of the event). I guess liberal media bias is alive and well in Louisville.

Oh, and this opinion is part of the article:

The Rev. Emilee Whitehurst, director of Austin Area Interreligious Ministries in Texas, said "Christians of good conscience" can disagree on matters of import.

"We are not likely to ever fully agree on anything, and if you don't believe me, just ask Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, who had four different versions of Jesus," said Whitehurst, a Presbyterian.

Remind me not to attend Rev. Whitehurst's church. Are you kidding me? Rev. Whitehurst must be one of those people who cannot see the forest for the trees because she is overlooking the overwhelming amount of material in those Gospels that show a very consistent image of Jesus in favor of a few that show differing aspects of His character. I would love to hear Rev. Whitehurst elaborate on exactly how the "versions of Jesus" presented in the Gospel differ in any significant respect.


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