The Pope Passes, The Atheists Sneer

I am in agreement with Fred Barnes, a self-described evangelical, that Protestants too are right to mourn the passing of Pope John Paul II. While most of the news coverage I have seen has been positive, plenty of atheists have attacked John Paul II as an evil man responsible for untold suffering. Most recently, I heard a spokeswoman for American Atheists on a local radio show. It was not enough to disagree with the Pope, she had to express her contempt for him and Catholicism in general.

When the host asked her about the Pope’s recognized contributions to encouraging a bloodless revolution in Soviet-dominated Poland and Eastern Europe, and therefore helping bring down the Communist regimes that murdered millions, she scoffed. It was not appropriate for a theologian to interfere with the internal politics of a sovereign nation, she said. The host, who is fairly anti-Catholic, was surprised and asked her if she meant that what the Pope did was wrong. She reiterated her belief that the Church had no business interfering with the internal politics of the communist nations. Now remember what the Pope did. He traveled to Poland and other Eastern European nations -- with the permission and cooperation of the communist governments -- and gave speeches that undermined without directly attacking, the foundations of communism.

Presumably the atheist spokeswoman thinks that it is a good thing that communism fell. Of course, she may not. After all, communism is the only example we have of what happens when atheism becomes the predominant belief of a nation’s rulers. Most of us view the result of 100 million dead and hundreds of millions more oppressed as a bad thing. But hey, not as bad as a theologian giving a few speeches stressing the value of human rights and individual dignity. Right?

How can such people have any credibility? Her preference for the most deadly and destructive philosophical system to ever achieve power over allowing the Pope to give speeches which she presumably would largely agree with betrays a frightening anti-religious bigotry. On the other hand, there is a positive side to what I heard. I cannot believe that atheists will ever achieve much politically so long as they continue to tolerate such people as their spokespersons.


Anonymous said…
Have you seen what the Westboro Baptist Church that BK blogged about has to say about the Pope? Go to, hit enter and look at "The Pope is in Hell" and "Howls of the Pope in Hell". Apparently the atheists let him off too easy!
Not to catter to anti-communist sentiments. I was a Marxist at one time. But that atheist probably is a communist.
BK said…
In response to what Anonymous (*sigh*) says, I want to be clear that my post of a few days ago in no way promotes the views of the Westboro Baptist Church who are doing more harm than good for Chistianity. I have stated earlier that while I am not a Roman Catholic, I thought the Pope had a great deal to say that was worthy of consideration. I am sorry he has died and have no doubt that he is with Jesus.
Layman said…
I think that American Atheists and the Westboro Baptist Church are cut from the same clothe. Flip sides of the same coin. Birds of a feather. Two peas in a pod. Two tacos in the same value meal.

And any other cliche you can think of signifying people whose hate binds them together more than the object of their hate distinguishes them.
biblemike said…
Someone once said that sin is anything that does not glorify God. Now I know that I have certainly said it too many times, but it still rings true. Anytime we put our thoughts or opinions ahead of what God says then we are in sin. Anytime we begin to talk about our rights and us versus them we are not putting God first and we are in sin. Anytime we act in a way that does not reflect the fruits of the Spirit, we are in sin. Those so called Christians have either lost sight of their first love or they never really knew Him. Perhaps they are following their own idea of who Jesus was instead of following who He is. In either case they are bound together with that atheist woman in the same dark bile of true self loathing and God's love despising that is sin. I pray that they will all see that eventually and repent so that they might have salvation one day.

John Paul II was a Roman Catholic and I have differences with the Roman Catholic church and its teachings. However, my differences with John Paul 2 were minor compared to the things we agreed on. Most importantly we agreed on who Jesus is and who Jesus wants us to be in this world. He did more to expose the world to the name and mission of Jesus Christ than any individual in the last century. I don't mean he led more to salvation. I mean he made more people consider for themselves, who is this Jesus and what does that mean to me. For that alone he deserves our respect and praise. For what he did globally in fighitng communism and calling for peace and caring for the poor, even the most wordly non-christians admire him. Those who denigrate him do so because they are bound up in their own "its all about me" mythical worlds.

This man did much to be admired for in the eyes of the world. He also did much to be admired for in his unwavering committment to serving Christ as best he knew how even to the moment of his death. Would that we all could go so gracefully into the night.

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