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The fine argument tuning is one of the most important arguments for the existence of God. This argument has shown the propensity to garner the most respect from established scientific sources of any God argument,It makes use of scientific data more than any argument,, Atheists are certain hat the multiverse argument takes this out. That is the received opinion among those in the scientific know. In this article I explicate the folly of that idea,


Whatsisface said…
I don't appeal to the multiverse to deal with the fine tuning argument. To think that the universe is fine tuned for life is to not take into account that our immediate environment is trying to and all too often succeeds at killing us in great numbers, what with disease and natural disaster. As the Earth is part of the universe, you can't say that the universe is fine tuned for life.
you fail to understand the issue. FT is not saying the universe is perfect for our comfort. The fact that there is danger in an environment has nothing to do with it. The point is life is very unlikely.

The argument says simply that the universe must be structured in very exact ways to produce life. It's so exacting as to be totally improbable. Because it's so improbable that gives us a good reason to think the game is fixed. This differs from the ordinary design argument because we have something to compare it to, all that is not the target level,

A. Universe Displays purposive order Max Planck (1858-1947), Nobel Prize winner and founder of modern physics. 5 "According to everything taught by the exact sciences about the immense realm of nature, a certain order prevails--one independent of the human mind . . . this order can be formulated in terms of purposeful activity. There is evidence of an intelligent order of the universe to which both man and nature are subservient."

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