Bi-Weekly Apologetics Report: More from Shadow to Light

This week, I am going to focus again on the Shadow to light blog and the entries that Michael is doing about the New Atheist community. The reason is that I have something really weird to show you about the Friendly Atheist (Hemant Mehta).

First off, though, I want to share Michael’s most recent post:

He originally posted it in 2013, but he felt that it would be relevant today because the New Atheist community recently harassed an orphanage. Here is an excerpt:

Time for more dishonest street theater from the New Atheists. Militant atheist Jerry Coyne is once again trying to play the “atheist-as-victim” card with a blog entry titled, Local park district, then library, reject $3000 donation because it came from atheists. Just because it came from atheists? Really? Let me share my opinions on the matter.

Not surprisingly, this narrative involves Hemant Mehta, the activist atheist who is constantly trying his best to spin atheists as victims. Coyne begins by citing his culture war comrade:
      Quote”Back in October, I posted about how the American Legion Post 134 was financially boycotting the Morton Grove Park District because it’s Commissioner Dan Asha wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at board meetings. Ashta’s sitting down for the Pledge cost the district $2,600 that the American Legion group had been giving them each year.”Quote

And then Coyne comments:

        Quote”Ashta’s protest was apparently about the right of Americans to exercise their freedoms. But of course it was perceived as a slap in the face by the right-wing Legionnaires, who refused to give their customary donation”Quote

There is no evidence these Legionnaires are “right-wing.” That’s just Coyne once again leaning on the crutch of his stereotypes. I’ve been in Legion posts and have known veterans, and yeah, considering the sacrifices vets have made, they do get sensitive about those type of stunts
 He goes on to talk more about Hemant Mehta and Richard Dawkins’ declaration at a Reason Rally to go out and ridicule religious people.

Speaking of Hemant, you should check this out. I don’t know if you guys have seen this:

Apparently, Fred Mephisto, the leader of the local chapter of the Satanic Temple in Marietta, Georgia is trying to get an After School Satan club at a local elementary school in the same district that he graduated in.

Later in this entry, Michael posted a You Tube video from Hemant Mehta. Also, I made a comment about how our former friend Skeppy (and his buddy PapaPlagiarizer) should speak at one of those clubs.


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