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A Rational Look at Christianity; Basing Reason in Truth

This week, I would like to share some recent posts that were made on the Shadow to Light blog that deal with New Atheism.

Post 1:

This is Michael’s most recent post about the collapse of new atheism. On this link, there is a video from the world famous Aron-Ra about the Atheos app. About 10:30 into the video, a former student of Peter Boghossian (Sarah Paquette) had this to say about Peter’s new atheism class:

He had a seminar New Atheism but unfortunately I don’t think it’s coming back next year simply because the attendance was not high enough which is pretty…sad. It’s a loss.
Speaking of the Atheos app, here is a post from that site that talks about that more:

This is supposed to be the goal of this app:

Boghossian, author of “A Manual for Creating Atheists,” says that his goal with the app is to give users the confidence and tools to have challenging conversations about beliefs. “How do we help people think critically when there are so many forces aligned against that? It’s through reason and rationality."
Michael doesn’t believe that Boghossian’s little app will be successful:

While Boghossian might be savvy enough to mask his hostility, I doubt his Street Epistemologists can mimic him well and, if they can, I doubt they can keep it up for long. The problem is not that New Atheist incivility is too obvious; the problem is that it is entailed in the New Atheist posturing.



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hey JB sorry about that. I like your report man. that is great to hear. I'm going to put this pu on atheist watch if you don't mind.

That is fine.

My reason and rationality tell me that "reason and rationality" are redundant. {wry g} PB couldn't think of another method to make a viable set? How about "reason and morality"? ...wait, that might raise too many uncomfortable questions in an atheistic worldview.

(I mean obviously uncomfortable questions. There are less obvious but much more uncomfortable questions in appealing to rationality if all behaviors are constituted by non-rational behaviors in a fundamentally non-rational reality.)


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