Bi-Weekly Report: Apostle Paul

Good afternoon. Today, I want to share my report on some links that have to do with the Apostle Paul. 

On Facebook a few weeks ago, there was a person that I was following (through a friend) because he had some opinions on health and wellness that I agreed with. However, he also happens to be a fervent denier of the Apostle Paul, so I stopped following him. Here is his site, and here is his write-up on Paul:

An excerpt from the second link:

Why blindly follow a man who was blinded in the wilderness on the road to Damascus in a vision that said “I am Jesus” when Jesus specifically warned about false prophets claiming to have seen Jesus in the wilderness?
Please understand that I cannot be convinced that a man is telling the truth when that man is telling me that he is a liar, and saying specifically the type of lie he will lie.
Paul admits he is a liar, and will lie.
Romans 3:7 for if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?
Paul tells the form of the lie he lied, that he would pretend to obey the commandments.
1 Cor 9:20 And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;
 This guy shared this link on Facebook:

Now I realize that most all Christians chafe at the notion that “Paul,” not “Jesus”, created their religion, but that is the only informed and reasoned conclusion which can be drawn from the evidence. Since the Ma’aseyah Yahowska’ (the actual title and name of the individual errantly referred to as “Jesus Christ”) was not only Torah observant, but also unreservedly upheld every word scribed in the Torah, a person can neither understand, follow, nor benefit from His words or deeds without also being Torah observant. And the moment an individual becomes Torah (from towrah - meaning “Teaching and Guidance,” not Law) observant (from shamar - meaning “to close closely examine and carefully consider,” not keep), they cease to be Christian. The truth is: Yahowsha’s testimony completely and irrefutably destroys the myth of Christianity. Support for the world’s most popular faith is found only in the letters attributed to Paul.
According to J.P, Craig Winn is the person who runs the Questioning Paul site. He did a series on Craig for the Ticker (Part 1 is at the bottom):

Besides those links above, here are two more people that take issue with Paul:

Douglas Del Tondo is the person who runs the first web site. Holding did a review on him as well:

The second website is run by Davis Danizier. He wrote a book called Betrayal of Jesus:

In the comments section on Amazon, I found an interesting reply to a commenter that gave the book one star:

Saved by Sloth (Grace) has nothing to do with Christ. It is an invention of the opulent and the lazy. You buy into it because you are lazy and the thought of being born dirty and so sinful that you need not even try to be a decent person is appealing. Being saved by a few magic words and lighting a candle is appealing


good report JB, very interesting
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
Just as a note, the links for Holding's reviews of Craig Winn and Douglas del Tondo's works no longer work because he moved them from his blog to the main site. They are now found here:

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