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I like this:

"The Supernatural is that which is above the natural in a certain sense but it is also working in the natural. There are supernatural effects in the natural realm that make up part of human life. Essentially we can say that “the supernatural” (supernature) is an ontology. Fiarweather doesn’t use that term but that’s essentially what he’s describing. Ontology is a philosophical description of reality. Supernature describes reality in that it is the ground and end of the natural."

I've shied away from the term "supernatural" in recent years, first because it carries images of ghosts and goblins rather than deep ontological reality, and second because Scripture uses "spiritual" instead. But I agree completely that whatever term we use, it is "the ground and end of the natural." Nature, in being shot through with contingency and entropy, obviously does not have the wherewithal to sustain its own existence. Spiritual reality thus undergirds the presently observable natural reality.

The Trace of God, by Joseph Hinman, on Amazon. The 200 studies in this book prove that Mystical experience is real, this article just proved that the original concept of SN is mystical experiemce. Therefore, SN is real.

That's a good argument. And a good book. :-)

I've thought about changing the term but I've refused so far because I think I want to reclaim the intellectual heritage of the church.

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