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Christianity: Warts and All

 Posted by Metacrock:
Guest editorial. by Mudcat

CARM atheist board 3/6/14

Don't do threads much these days.. but I have been reading the forum and watching the back and forth on the general theme. Thought I'd toss in my two bits on the matter... but my ego is just a little to bloated to bother chipping in on another thread and figured I'd just pitch it out here.

Seems no one is really keen on the idea that Hitler, Nazis, mass murderers and those sorts could have possibly held their views. Whether such a person be a Christian or an atheist. Can't say as I blame them much on either side. Can't say as I know for sure what Hitler or some particular Nazi in a concentration camp believed they were or weren't.

As a Christian, I don't mind admitting that the Crusades, the Inquisition, the 30 Years War, antisemitism, witch burnings and that sort of thing aren't something that gets highlighted in Sunday school class.

As a member of a Southern Baptist Church, I don't think I have ever heard it mentioned from the pulpit that the reason the Southern Baptist Convention exists, was related to a split in which it supported slavery.

Even when a popular Church figure fails... adultery scandals and that sort of thing... we try and distance ourselves a bit.

I don't know if that is always the right thing to do but the reaction is understandable. Most folks don't like the "warts and all" that seem to be attached to much of anything.

But in general "we" (or at least the ones I hang about with) teach about Christ, what he taught during his ministry, and so forth. It's a fairly easy thing for us to look at what Christ taught and the actions of many who have claimed Christ across the ages and point to some fairly glaring inconsistencies in the actions of various Christian people, and Christ Himself.

Across the history of Christianity, many have "hijacked" the name of Christ in what I would consider their own "self righteousness". This shouldn't be a big surprise though that things like that can occur. The whole point of Christ's ministry and so forth was based upon our problem with the nature to sin that we seem to possess. Some may have been genuine Christians, guilty of placing their desires before Christ and some may have simply been folks who work the system at hand to the best advantage to whatever selfish end they may have. So I don't think anyone needs to get stricken with shock when they say a Christian fail at being Christ like.

I guess my point here, is that Christians can sin and do sin and can act completely inconsistently with the teachings of Christ. At least I know I can.

In general though, I think this is something we get better with as we grow in Christ.


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