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Our old friend, pseudo-Christian John Shelby Spong, has apparently written a new book entitled The Fourth Gospel, Tales of a Jewish Mystic. Those who are long-time readers to the blog may remember that I first addressed Bishop (a title that he doesn't deserve) Spong's work in a post entitled The Theology of John Shelby Spong. I was going to make it a series, but our own Jason Pratt beat me to the punch by coming out with a series that had titles about JRP v. Spong, beginning with JRP v. Bishop Spong v. Judas Iscariot: Round 1.  Needless to say, we didn't think much of Bishop Spong's theories. 

Now, with a new book out I was afraid I might actually have to read it (which would be pure torture). But fortunately, the always thinking Rob Bowman at the Parchment and Pen blog has written a wonderful review of the new book in a post entitled John Shelby Spong on the Gospel of John (sort of rhymes, doesn't it?).  I highly recommend reading it before you waste your time on the book as Rob shows that the book contains nothing new -- just more of the same absurdity that Spong has spouted in his other books dating back 30 years. 

Oh, and as an extra attraction, if you read the comments you may come across one from our own Jason Pratt. Good job, Jason!


Thanks Bill. To be fair, that huge JRP vs Bishop Spong series was only focused on his argument (from Sins of Scripture) for Judas Iscariot being a fictional character created by Christians as part of an "anti-Semitic" plot.

I don't really talk about his theology (because that wasn't a factor he appealed to in his argument--and also your article already covered that), or his other goofy problems (which if they should be written one by one, I suppose not even the world itself would contain the written scrolls, so to speak. ;) )

Yes, Rob's article was quite epic. I was thinking of linking to it myself, but I'm glad you beat me to it! {g}


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